Headquartered in Atlanta, Orion Portfolio Services is a privately held company that specializes in the purchase of distressed consumer receivables. Orion is a highly experienced and active purchaser with a track record of success during a period of significant change and market fluctuation. Orion specializes in the development of innovative solutions that optimize long term value. Orion's track record of growth, performance and risk management, has earned it the confidence of lenders and investors.

Orion's low cost outsourced operating infrastructure provides the advantage of being scalable and flexible with the ability to transact in all consumer asset classes across a wide spectrum of industries. This unique structure has provided Orion with a solid foundation for consistent investment success. The combination of Orion's operational risk management expertise, disciplined valuation and specialized servicing platform has made it a preferred one-stop choice for companies seeking to sell receivables.

Orion employs a streamlined decision making process and is not constrained by investment restrictions or pressure to increase top line revenue growth in irrational or overconfident pricing environments. While the ability to act quickly is often key, Orion believes that patience, valuation discipline and careful due diligence are the cornerstones to making good investment decisions.